Bruno Linclau

Bruno Linclau – Southampton University (UK)

Bruno Linclau graduated from the University of Ghent, Belgium in 1992. His undergraduate thesis was carried out at Leicester University as an ERASMUS exchange student with Dr P. R. Jenkins during his final year. Back in Ghent, he joined the group of Pr. M. Vandewalle for his PhD (1992-1996, funded by the Belgian « National Fund of Scientific Research »), where he completed the total synthesis of several Vitamin D analogues. This was followed by a postdoctoral stay with Pr. D. P. Curran in Pittsburgh PA (USA) (1997-1999), with a fellowship from the « Belgian American Educational Foundation » and from the University of Pittsburgh. There he worked on fluorous chemistry applications in combinatorial chemistry and developed a fluorous scavenger approach illustrated with automated solution phase parallel synthesis of urea libraries. He joined the Chemistry at Southampton University as a lecturer in August 1999, followed by a promotion to Senior Lecturer in 2005, to Reader in 2013, and to Professor in 2015. He is Head of the Organic Chemistry: Synthesis, Catalysis and Flow Section. His current research projects involve organofluorine chemistry, with a focus on investigating how fluorination of organic compounds can modify their physical properties, and a particular focus on fluorinated carbohydrates.


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